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To be clear, we expect a lot from our people, as we will from you should you join us. For example, we need you to be amicable and to show dedication and initiative without fuss. In return for meeting these demands however, we offer many opportunities, because if you develop yourself, both as a professional and as a person, a fantastic career awaits you.

Student Intern

Of course we won’t just throw you in at the deep end during your internship, but we don’t want you watching from the sidelines either. You will participate fully, whilst getting all the support that you need. You will receive intensive guidance from a coach. How much you get out of your internship depends on you, on how much initiative you take, on your willingness to handle everything you encounter. To put things in a different perspective, we provide the guidance and you provide the energy. If you consider this to be a good deal and are in the final year of your education, then apply immediately.


“It’s not easy, but I have never learned
so much in such a short time.”

Lesley Koopmans, trainee lawyer


If you join us as a trainee, you must get going from day one. We don’t believe in keeping someone down until they have proven themselves. That’s a waste of time and energy. If you are hired we have faith in you. Of course you are still inexperienced and we won’t put the most difficult cases on your desk, but we will see you as a fully-fledged peer from the moment you start work. Another advantage is that you will stay working in the area of expertise in which you started, but this doesn’t mean you will do the same tasks. On the contrary, you will experience every aspect of that area you work in.

Thus you be constantly challenged as you develop yourself into a true expert and that’s what we love, specialists. We are truly charmed when people take the initiative and anyone that displays this quality can count on our support. We will help where we can and not unimportantly, we reward with more than just a pat on the back. If the above appeals to you, apply for a meet & greet lunch, or for a position directly.


One more thing

If you are considering applying for a trainee position, know that we are very demanding. We expect you to constantly develop yourself in your subject area; to look beyond the case file on your desk and the advice the client anticipates. We expect you to surprise our clients and us with creative solutions not yet thought of, or opportunities that no one has spotted. Of course you need time to grow within your role and we provide that. Workweeks of 80-hours are not expected. Yes, you must work hard, but overworking yourself to achieve something is not the right way and we don’t believe in that. It’s not good for you, or the quality of your work, therefore it’s not good for our clients and that’s what ultimately matters.



We expect a lot from an associate. We expect you to deepen your knowledge in your subject area in order to become a true specialist. Naturally, we will support you in this; you will get all the education and training you require. There are also some other areas where you will need to develop. Not only should you bind clients to you, we also expect you to build your own client base (for which you will receive a fitting reward of course). Your job will also have quite an international flavour, as being an associate means you can work at one of our offices abroad. Of course we do expect you to expand your international network substantially whilst away. Last but not least, as an employee you are also a trainer, coach and buddy to other interns.

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Whatever position you are seeking, some things apply across the board, factors that form our core values. Eversheds Sutherland stands for professionalism. It is a service-oriented firm with a big heart for its clients. Despite our impeccable work ethic and the fact that we are part of a large international network, our team is a closely-knit one – a big family where people support and trust each other.


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