Eversheds Sutherland Academy

Eversheds Sutherland Academy

Become better than
you already are

We give you the opportunity to become even better.

Continuous self-development, we value this enormously. Training and education don’t stop with a professional education. On the contrary, they continue.

All our employees, at any level, can participate at the Eversheds Sutherland Academy. This education programme is aimed at the lawyers and specifically the Eversheds Sutherland practice, whereby core legal values are of a high priority.

Via the Eversheds Sutherland Academy we give employees the opportunity to stay up to date with professional knowledge and (personal) skills, and to sharpen or further develop them. Courses and training are an addition to the daily learning and ‘on the job’ training.
We value education and personal development for our employees and we expect participants to be willing to commit a lot of time and energy to it. A pro-active attitude and self-study are essential when participating in the education programme.

The course

The programme consists of:

  • Bi-weekly or monthly know-how consultation meetings.
  • Subject related training that takes place a few times a year.
  • A number of (English) courses (mostly in London) usually organised by the Learning & Development Team in London.
  • The Learning & Management Development System, which provides online access to over 400 e-learning modules for a broad variety of subjects aimed at developing both professional and personal skills.
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