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Our company in a nutshell: Eversheds is a fast, continuously growing law firm with offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We employ over 50 lawyers who deliver transparent legal solutions to our clients. We are part of Eversheds International, a global firm with more than 50 offices across 30 countries, which employ over 2,000 lawyers. This enables us to provide advice across borders. We support clients in a variety of legal disciplines like Employment Law, Banking & Finance, Corporate Commercial, Competition, EU & Regulatory Law, Intellectual Property & Privacy, Litigation & Dispute Management, and Property. We work for listed companies (both nationally and internationally), governments and non-profit organisations.

Our culture

For a start, we are a no-nonsense firm. We avoid any irrelevant add-ons. All our energy goes into our work, our clients. When it comes to this, we have raised the bar, very high. Simply providing legal advice to a client is not enough in our view; our entrepreneurial spirit constantly drives us to go the extra mile. We are always on the lookout for business opportunities for our clients. In addition, we invest much time and effort into seeking ways to control legal costs and handle on-going proceedings as effectively as possible.

“Get better. Everyday. That’s what it’s all about and we offer all the room you need to grow.”

Ingrid van Berkel, Managing partner

Meet & greet lunch

Let’s be honest. We are not the only firm to say that they merge high-end advice, a no-nonsense approach and an entrepreneurial spirit. Ultimately it boils down to what you think and the only way to assess this is to visit us. Talk to our colleagues, taste the atmosphere. Only then can you decide if we are the right company for you.

Eversheds Masterclass

How to kick ass without being a total jerk

You have nearly graduated, you are ambitious and want nothing more than an internship agreement with your firm of choice. You believe nothing can stop you. Having started an orientation with us you will see that it’s about much more than the degrees you hold. You must position yourself, build and maintain a network. You have to stand out from the crowd. The primary question is: How do you achieve this without losing your authenticity? That’s what this master class is all about. Two top trainers from the UK will introduce you to the world of networking, using unsurpassed techniques that illustrate ways to profile yourself.

Win a day with a top lawyer

The things you learn during the master class can be put into practice immediately. Trainers will keep a sharp eye on which participants best position themselves. The top three will be invited to join one of our partners for a day – the perfect opportunity to show what you are made of.



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